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About Norma Ching

Aloha,Mom and Pat

My name is Norma Ching. I am a retired teacher. In 1997 I had a major stroke and I was unable to speak or move the limbs on my right side. I was paralyzed. God healed me. A year later, I had brain surgery, and God healed me from that too. I have always loved to write, and for many years the Holy Spirit sent me poems of inspiration and praise that I continuously logged down. Finally, the Lord gave me a word to compile the poems he sent me into a book called From the Master’s Heart. It has been a blessing for me to see this book impact so many lives, including my own. I am excited to use this blog to continue my writing, and God will use it to continue to bless those who read it.  Illustrations are done by my son, Patrick Ching, a world renown artist also regarded as Hawaii’s Nature Artist.

The book and CD, From the Master’s Heart, is a fusion of Christian amazing artwork and poetry. These poems of inspiration and praise illuminates the values that define humanity such as love, adoration, forgiveness, patience, patriotism, loneliness and more.

It is important that you know that GOD, through His Holy Spirit, is the author of these poems which He gave me to write. I wrote each of them at a single sitting, from top to bottom; the words just flowed.