| About Patrick Ching
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About Patrick Ching


With every whimsical stroke of the paintbrush, Patrick Ching brings his deep rooted love for the Hawaiian Islands to life. Capturing the colors and sights of the island’s desirable atmosphere comes naturally to the Oahu born artist.

His natural talent mixed with formal training at Otis/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles quickly launched Ching into an internationally known and respected painter. Known as Hawaii’s premiere Nature Artist, Ching advanced his talents after college by working “in the field” for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where he spent a good part of his life exploring remote areas of the islands, intimately learning the creatures and places that inspire his work.

The sought after artist has displayed his works of art on the 1986 Hawaiian Telephone Phone Book Cover featuring Haley’s Comet, during a one man show in Governor Waihe’e’s office in 1987, as well as Hawaii’s first Wildlife Conservation Stamp featuring the Hawaii state bird the nene (goose.) A hundred foot mural for the Salt Lake Public Library depicting the artist’s favorite historic scenes from the Salt Lake/Moanalua area on the island of Oahu also dons Ching’s work.

Known as Hawaii’s premiere Nature Artist, Ching has been celebrated as the “feature artist” for various events around the island including the 2008 Haleiwa Arts Festival and the “CELEBRATION of the SEA” Art Miles Murals Project, Hawaii 2008. Additionally, his artwork has been featured in various newspapers and television shows and in several local and national magazines including Wildlife Art News, Audubon, and Birders World. He is also a prolific author of many detailed books on Hawaiian wildlife

Ching continues to dedicate his life to preserving and capturing the essence of the islands through art by dedicating his time and talents for various outreach programs within the community, including conducting free art classes at local elementary schools. He also conducts regular art classes at private sessions at his famous “Naturally Hawaiian” gallery in the heart of Waimanalo.

Ching’s commissioned artwork can be seen the homes of art enthusiasts and collectors around the world.

“I paint the places and things that I love with the colors that have surrounded my life. My objective is to take the beauty that I have experienced and bring it into people’s homes and their lives so that they may appreciate the things that are Naturally Hawaiian.”