| Peace, Be Still
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Peace, Be Still

My Child,


O My child, you have not heard from Me because you haven’t been listening. I speak to you constantly through My Word, through your dreams, and through My servants who pray for you and counsel you. If you listen for My still small voice, you will hear Me for I want to speak to you directly. I have waited a long time for you to be still and get your priorities in order. Self-centeredness does not include Me.


I desire to let you know that I am here and aware of your every need, your helplessness, your fears and your wants. Focus on Me first then let all else go. I will not fail you. I have not failed you and I will make your way victorious again. Have I not already defeated death and hell?


The enemy would want to hold you in fear but I have given you the breakthrough and now I give you My rest, My peace, and My strength. I fill you with My love so you can love others as I have loved you. I am your strength in your weakness. You cannot do it yourself but I can and will do it for you and yes, through you for the glory of My name.


Peace, be still, and know that I am God. I will not leave you nor forsake you. I have set My plan in motion. I will thwart every maneuver of the enemy to stop or hinder it. The battle is not yours but Mine and I have already won the victory.


I love you,
Lord Jesus

Love Letters from the Master